State Track Accomplishments

Asa Rice, Staff Writer

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On May 14th, 15th, and 16th four Mansfield Summit Track and Field athletes competed in the Texas 5A State Meet at the University of Texas in Austin. Being in one of the most competitive states in the country isn’t hard enough, these athletes are only some of the nine athletes in all of Texas to compete in this high intensity meet. Just going alone is a very big accomplishment, but these athletes did even better.

Junior Medric Roberson placed 2nd in the 110 meter hurdles, senior Larenz Lester placed 3rd in the triple jump, and junior Ivy Walker placed 1st in long jump, making her the 5A state champion.

“It feels amazing,” Roberson said. “They called me an underdog, but I showed them what I was made of.”

Another athlete was Larenz Lester, who placed third in long jump. Since this was his senior year, he was very adamant to do well.

“It was a good senior year,” Lester said. “I promised myself I’d make it to the podium and I did. I was very satisfied.”

An even more impressive performance was displayed by Ivy Walker, who, even with an injured foot, continued to compete and win first place in the long jump.

“The day before I did terrible at what I felt was my best event so I had to redeem myself,” Walker said. “Once I started competing it’s like I forgot my foot was even hurt. I wrapped my foot to compress how bad it hurted and went out there and competed.”

    All in all, the accomplishments these athletes have made are phenomenal. The work they have put in equaled the success they got out. Now, they prepare for next year when three of the four of these athletes will be seniors. The possibility of three state champions from Summit High School next year is very possible.

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