Acadec in UIL

Asa Rice, Staff Writer

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The Texas Academic Decathlon is a battle of wits held annually by the State of Texas. Texas has participated in Academic Decathlons since 1984, and has been winning national championships ever since. Students compete for both recognition and scholarships. The State of Texas alone gives $150,000 in scholarship money each year. The teams are comprised of 9 students: 3 A students, 3 B students, and 3 C students.

Summit’s very own Acadec team participated in the State Competition last weekend and was the only Mansfield ISD school to compete.

“We won 13th overall,” Mr. Adams, one of the two Acadec coaches, said. “5 people took home a total of 7 medals.”

Although you go into Acadec to compete, there are definitely some extra advantages.

“We get great food going to State,” senior competitor Zach Beaman said. “We get food on the way there, food there, and food on the way back.”

In addition to this, it can also easily be enjoyed by all. Whether you make A’s, B’s, or C’s, there is a place for you on the team.

“Even if you don’t make good grades you can be in Acadec,” senior competitor Olivia Marx said. “It’s a whole lot of fun.”

The competition is what makes Acadec successful. Each competitor sets high goals and standards for themselves. Zach Beaman is going for 3 medals next year, and Olivia Marx is going for a top 10 overall medal. As well as personal goals, the coaches raise their expectations each year.

“We are shooting for top 10 in the state of Texas,” Adams said. “We want to keep our winning tradition going.”

Acadec is constantly growing, improving, and beating its own records. With its growing reputation, next years Acadec team looks as promising as ever.


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