Band Booster Craftfest

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Craftfest is on Nov 9th in the Summit High School Band Hall and throughout the school.

Craftfest is an event where a individual people come and sell their different products.

“From tote bags, to jewelry, to Christmas ornaments and holiday items people walk through and do kind of a shopping trip, purchasing different types crafts” senior Tyra Thompson said.

Craftfest is put together by band boosters. The money goes directly to the Summit band to help them pay for new instruments, music, people that write the show, and everything else they need to function as a band.

“It’s a lot of physical work, and very tiring,” junior Lexi Vick said. “But it is also a lot of fun.”

There are 70 to 80 vendors that directly support the band. Anybody who would like to be a vendor can become one. They themselves can earn money for the band. Band student’s work shifts to help people set up their stands and pack up as well. They’re also there to provide water and entertain as well as play for the people that are there to shop for crafts.

“It’s really fun, all the vendors are really nice and the people are really nice as well,” senior Jonathon Churak-Simpson said. “It’s really fun to play and perform for people and have them clap for you.”

The band students sign up to be vendors and put up their own stands and make their own products to raise money for their band group.

“It’s a really fun experience for myself and the band,” Thompson said. “It’s definitely something everyone should be a part of.”

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