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New Ride Shows Lack of Interest in Original Park

It has been over six years since Six Flags Over Texas has had a true new roller coaster, and it will be at least another year until it does.

Josh Martella, Editor

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In an August 28th announcement, Six Flags released its plans for new 2015 rides at all 13 amusement parks. While most of the other parks are getting new and innovative roller coasters, Six Flags Over Texas is stuck with a little kiddie ride in a renovated theatre. To make it worse, its little cousin down the road in San Antonio is getting the “world’s first 4-D roller coaster.” Over Texas’ past three new attractions have been the Texas Skyscreamer (2013), a renovated kiddie area called Bugs Bunny Boomtown (2014) and Batman: The Ride Backwards (July 2014), none of which are original roller coasters.

The new ride, “Justice League: Battle for Metropolis,” will be an interactive dark ride, much like that of Disney’s “Toy Story Mania,” where guests dawn 3-D glasses and a laser gun to “battle the likes of The Joker and others as they try to save their favorite DC comic heroes like Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman and more,” according to

The ride will be located in the former 4-D theatre, used to house “SpongeBob: The Ride” and other short movies, and an extension to be built behind it. Construction on the extension began as late as June of this year and involved the draining and subsequent closure of the Roaring Rapids, which the park is advertising as a new “Extreme Roaring Rapids,” according to Construction included building structural supports in the Rapids’ holding pond and it appears that flooring has been added on top of that.

But the last thing Over Texas needs is another flat ride. It needs a thrill ride, a roller coaster. Its last true roller coaster, Pandemonium, came to the park in 2008 and was a copy of the coaster of the same name in San Antonio. Granted, the park has received “new” roller coasters in The New Texas Giant (2011), Mr. Freeze: Reverse Blast (2012) and Batman: The Ride Backwards. But those are basically just the same coaster with a different name.

What Six Flags’ original park really needs is a new, original roller coaster that it can call its own. The last coaster that fits that descriptive could arguably be the Titan back in 2001, but even that is closely similar to Goliath at another one of Six Flags’ park. And if you don’t count that or any copy at the park, you’d have to go back to 1990 and the original, wooden Texas Giant. Batman: The Ride, Mr. Freeze, and even Runaway Mountain are all copies are mirrors of other rides at other parks. In fact, you can go less than 45 minutes east of Six Flags and ride Runaway’s mirror image at Fair Park.

One common factor most people point out when talking about adding a roller coaster at Over Texas is that it’s landlocked. Well, it only appears that way. After removing and relocating Flashback to make room for the destruction of the Texas Chute-Out and the building of the Skyscreamer and buying the strip mall at the corner of Road to Six Flags and Highway 360, the entire eastern side of Six Flags is vacant and could easily hold a roller coaster.

At the moment it appears that some of this land will be used for the park’s Fright Fest during the fall season, according to, but that’s only temporary, and after the season, the area could easily be used for, let’s say, a floorless coaster, like the Superman: Krypton Coaster in San Antonio, the only major coaster type the park lacks.

Bringing an original roller coaster is exactly what this park needs. But why won’t Six Flags do it? Perhaps they just don’t care about their first park. And that’s not good for guests.

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New Ride Shows Lack of Interest in Original Park