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College Season Starts With Rare Strong Schedule

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Normally, the first four to five weeks of the college football season are snoozers. Most of the top ten teams play the so-called “cupcake” teams just to preserve the holy undefeated record. In all honesty, it is boring.

But this year has not been like years past. Week in and week out there have been not one, but multiple games where ranked teams face off against each other. And instead of just grazing by the first few weeks of the season, I have found myself flipping through multiple games from about 2:30 p.m. to the final whistle at around 10:30 p.m.

Simply amazing.

College football could be considered the most interesting sport to watch because each week matters. One loss can sink your season. One huge win could propel you to the top of the rankings. And with top teams like LSU and Oklahoma taking on tough opponents, the start of the season just got that much more interesting.

Take LSU for example. In the first four weeks of the season, the Tigers played three ranked teams. Two of those games were played on the road in hostile territory while their opener against Oregon was played here in Arlington. And each of those three games were great watches.

Playing those types of games early on in the year would be considered suicide for most teams. But for fans of college football in general, like me, it’s pure greatness for us.

Back on Sept. 17, Oklahoma and Florida State, two legendary powerhouses back in the day, got together. It was a college football fan’s dream. And the game it’s self failed to disappoint for the most part. It took until the end of the fourth quarter for the Sooners to put the game away as Florida State made a run to pull off the upset.

In years past, this kind of action was lacking from the sport. Teams played softer opponents, not taking risks of losing early on in the year. There were times when ranked teams faced each other, but it would be the only interesting game on the schedule.

But in a heartbeat, things have changed.

Just in the first six weeks of the year, there have been 14 match ups pitting ranked teams against each other. There have also been countless other games involving ranked teams that have come down to the wire. And all have created one thing: drama.

We college football fans, and really sports fan in general, love drama. Nothing excites us more than drama. We are drawn to it. And with college football have more and more drama with this rare strong schedule to start the year, I have only one question.

Can they make the second half just as good as the first?

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College Season Starts With Rare Strong Schedule