How Madison Woods Found Her Passion

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For many high school students, electives are classes taken to fulfill a requirement, pass, and are eventually used to graduate when all credits are complete. And with that, students try new things, explore different communities and meet new people. While some are just going through the motions, other people enjoy every second…


Madison Woods was someone who could defy the odds, and find her true calling within the very walls of Summit High School, and has recently taken the first step in her adult life by taking a job she couldn’t love more- coaching gymnastics for special needs children.


This being her second year in the Partners Program, a realm of elective course options designed for students to interact with and assist special needs students in classes such as Physical Education, Technology, and Art, Woods decided that she no longer wanted the bonds she’d made to be broken at the end of her senior year.


“ When I took Partners in Art my Junior Year, I met this boy who sat under the tables, and wouldn’t talk to anyone. I always spoke, but he wouldn’t respond until a day I’ll never forget,” said Woods.


Madison loves that she helped someone grow, and become more comfortable with her and his classmates. She values their interactions immensely, and wishes to help others reach their full potential.


“ When I see the little boy in the hallway, he lights up when I wave and say hello… They’re human beings with feelings and emotions, who remember you, and are excited to be your friend, said Woods.


By taking a job as a Demi Coach at ASI Gymnastics, Madison will meet new kids, making more connections and serving as a role model to many.


“ When my mom told me about the job opening, I jumped at the opportunity. Here, I’ll be able to push even more people out of their comfort zones, to try new things, and serve as a positive influence in their lives,” said Woods.


Madison plans to major in American Sign Language and Education to become a special needs teacher and communicate with an even wider variety of students. While studying, she hopes that other Summit students will consider taking a class in the Partners Program.


“ I think the program would be a great fit for anyone who’s passionate about helping other people. It takes a lot, but it’s worth it because of how much it all means to them,” said Woods.

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