Summer Jobs

Kevin Booza, Staff Writer

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During the summer, students of all ages look to make extra money. Some mow lawns, work fast food, clean up yards, clean cars, or babysit. Whether it’s to pay for food or entertainment they will find a way to make an extra dollar, and with school being out, summer is a perfect time to for students to do this.

Working during the summer has been a staple in kids’ lives for a long time. During the summer, there seems to be an abundance of time to work, as well as jobs available. Working is a great way to meet people, get exercise, and clear your mind. Hard work prepares you for the future and mature yourself into a better person.

“My parents made me mow lawns when I was fifteen,” Senior Ike Okafor, said. “The work is hard, but the money is great.”

Different jobs are for different people. Not everyone is cut out for the same job. That is why there is such a diversity of jobs between students.

“I babysat kids during the summer,” Senior Diem Tran said. “I took them to their swim practices and hung out with them.”

Working odd jobs for neighbors can be very rewarding. Occasionally walking dogs or cleaning gutters can add money up fast.

“Two summers ago I made over $1000 mowing a few lawns every week,” Senior Tevan Christman said. “I didn’t spend that much and I realized that I had a bunch of money saved up one day.”

Working is good for the mind and the body. It’s rewarding and you can meet great people and make new friends. The money is great and prepares you for the future.  Will school winding down and summer about to begin, now is a great time to start making some money.


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