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Improving the Treatment of Substitute Teachers

Kevin Booza, Staff Writer

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Most students get excited when they walk into their class and see a substitute. They feel they will have a free day and be able to do whatever they want with disregard of what the sub tells them. While some subs try to control the class, others just let them do anything.

“There is no one in charge basically, the subs usually just sit there,” sophomore Gloria Charles said.

The majority of students respect subs and do what they say, but it’s the small amount of students that don’t who don’t give the rest a bad name.

“Subs are treated terribly and I don’t understand why,” 10th grade history teacher Roger Dewberry said.

However, not all subs are treated poorly. Some are liked more than others and are treated the same as a teacher.

“The kids at Summit are always welcoming and kind,” substitute Mrs. Mount said. “They like me here.”

Teachers and students alike ask what can be done to improve the treatment of subs. In the end its up to the students to act right and give them respect. Keeping this in mind, subs should also be more assertive when it comes to the class they are trying to control.

“The subs have to be more stern and controlling,” senior Tevan Christman said.

Improving the treatment of subs is something that both students and subs must put effort in. Students could be more respectful and empathize with the sub and the sub should show more of an interest in the students. Without the cooperation of both the students and subs, the relationship is unlikely to improve.

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The School Newspaper of Mansfield Summit High School.
Improving the Treatment of Substitute Teachers