Facebook Timeline Gives Users Own Page

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When Facebook changes, everyone who uses the site usually groans. They complain that the old way was better and demand that it be changed back to the way it was.

So, when Facebook announced the new Timeline profile page last month, there was the usual outcry.

Right off the bat, I will admit that I was unsure about the change to the social networking site. I am also one of those who usually complains about the changes. But I found a link that gave me the Timeline feature before it officially was released.

Let me be the first person to tell you that this change is actually amazing.

With the new timeline feature, Facebook has gone back to what it was created for: to be about you. The new profile page is all about you and what you do. Consider it you personal web page.

That’s really what it is: your own web page or blog. And if you look at it that way, everything else about it falls into place.

First, let’s start with the top. The most noticeable change is the addition of the cover photo. It’s more or less like a word mark or banner for your “site”. Really, the options are limitless for you cover photo. You have just a normal photo you or you can add words to it, like I have done. Sites are popping up to help you create your own unique cover photo.

The second biggest change is the actual use of a timeline. All of your posts are put into a timeline. Also, all of your likes, new friends and other less important stuff are moved to the side, reducing the clutter.

But that is not the fun part of the new feature.

Facebook is now letting you fill in the gap between when you were born and the day you joined Facebook. You can go back and add photos, accomplishments, possibly even status updates (I’m still checking on that) back before you became a Facebook user. You can now tell your life story.

As far as Facebook changes go, I’m not one for them, but this update has changed my thought process with Facebook. It has now become my personal blog and the new design that has come with it looks way cooler than anything before.

So before you starting groaning about the new Timeline feature, take time to play around with it. You might just be surprised with what you can do.

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