ESPN Makes Wasting Time on Facebook Even More Fun

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Just when you thought you couldn’t waste anymore time on Facebook, ESPN has introduced another game exclusive to the popular social networking site. The title? ESPN Sports Bar & Grill.

Now, I know what you’re thinking. “My goal in life is to create my own sports bar and grill,” is going through your head right now.

Yeah, probably not, but to the game’s defense, it is quite the entertaining (and addicting) game.

Players start off pretty much with the basics: a bar area, a few chairs and tables, a television and cream soda and peanuts. Do note that players under age 21 cannot sell alcoholic beverages. From there, it is up to the player to decide on where it goes from there.

The bar is created with coins, which are the most common piece of currency, and dollars. Rare items are bought using dollars; however, in order to get dollars, players must either buy them using the in-game Pay-Pal system or receive a dollar every other time the level up.

Coins, and experience points for that matter, are received has you serve patrons. The busier your bar is, the more coins and XP you will collect. Serving multiple patrons wanting the same thing will bring you an extra bonus.

Unfortunately, unlike “Field of Dreams”, just building your bar won’t mean they will come. A few will, but in order get you place busting at the seems, you will need to up your “buzz”. Buzz is basically the excitement of your bar and can be increased by adding different objects to your bar and grill.

Finally, in order for you place to be successful, you must expand. The game starts out with a simple 14 ft by 14 ft part of the building. It can be expanded one of two ways: dollars and by adding neighbors. To get neighbors, you have to ask your friends to first join the game and then ask them to be your neighbor. This is where the social networking aspect of the game.

After that, the game is quite simple. You decide what to do and when to do it. You get to be the boss. Trust me, it can and will be an addicting game.

Now get in there and start cooking.

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