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Here in the Future

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Here in the Future

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In the movie Back To The Future 2 (1985), the time-traveling duo Doctor Brown and Marty McFly go forward in time in their time-machine DeLorean to the year 2015 to save the McFly family from certain doom. The movie features a high-tech world with hoverboards, flying cars, and many other ideas that at the time seemed out of reach. However, here in the year 2015, we can evaluate how we measured up to the expectations of others before us.

In truth, we aren’t far off from what the movie writers envisioned. In the movie, flying cars pepper the air and are a common form of transportation. Most people do not own a flying car in 2015, but we have invented cars that fly and have further advanced airplanes since 1985. Also, people could enter their home by simply pressing their thumb against a scan pad, opening the door and allowing them inside. Now, that very idea is possible, with fingerprint scanners allowing access to even your own phone. A very popular feature in the movie was a pair of Nike shoes that tightened up with the press of a button. Solely for the sake of the movie, Nike is prepared to release a pair of shoes exactly like this at the end of the year.

Although it’s not exactly what people imagined the future would be like, we have made quite a step in the right direction. This raises the question: if society has developed this far in the last 30 years, how much will we be able to develop in the next 30? In the future, we expect further advances in technology, medicine, arts, and sciences. Just as the we have accomplished so much in the last 30 years, the next 30 years has the potential to be just as successful.

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Here in the Future